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All about transfers and recoveries

Order of translation

The transfer is carried out:

  • if there are vacant budget or paid places on this educational program;
  • not earlier than after the successful completion of the first intermediate certification (fully completed session);
  • for the semester following the last one fully completed or, in case of discrepancies in the curricula, for one or two semesters below;
  • when changing the direction of training (specialty) with the loss of deferral from the army.

The transfer procedure must be completed before the start of training.

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The procedure of transfers, restorations and admission to the educational process

Regulations on transfer, deduction and reinstatement to Bauman Moscow State Technical University

For all questions, you can contact:

To clarify the possibility of reinstatement at Bauman Moscow State Technical University or transfer from another educational institution of higher education, compare curricula and availability of vacancies, please contact the Department of Educational Technologies:

  • Phone: +7(499)263-65-10
  • Email: uot@bmstu.ru 

Get a certificate about the training/about the training period

For transfer to another educational organization , the student must provide a certificate about the training period.

Expelled students can order a certificate of study. To order a certificate, you must submit statement.

To order a certificate, you must submit an application, which must be printed out, filled out and sent to the Student Personnel Department in two available ways:

The application can be issued:


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