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BMT3 Biomedical safety


О кафедре

Today, society is on the threshold of the fourth technological revolution, which is associated with the possibility of radical modernization of production and the economy, as well as the emergence of phenomena such as the digital space. Digital space includes: digital healthcare, education, economy, digital management models, etc. In this regard, both new opportunities and threats are opening up. Threats of influence on the population of Internet content, the Internet of Things, anthropogenic cyberactivity. Impacts associated with the production and operation of various gadgets. The development of artificial intelligence and the problems of its implementation in solving problems of bioinformatics, genome sequencing and virology. Our department, among others, is called upon to fight against all these threats. However, along with threats, new opportunities are opening up related to consistency and automation. Consistency allows you to reduce the burden on the primary health care unit. Systemic medicine appears. Systemic medicine, the child of systemic biology, is beginning to change the face of healthcare through an integrated (holistic) approach to the disease, the emergence of technologies that allow us to explore new aspects of patient data. A systematic approach to health and disease problems has contributed to the emergence of 4P medicine, which is prognostic, preventive, personalized and based on the active participation of the patient. 4P Medicine is the clinical application of systemic medicine tools and strategies for quantifying health and demystifying diseases. Therefore, the main work of the department is aimed at developing methods and tools related to systemic medicine. These are systems for on-line diagnostics of the patient's condition, remote monitoring, health-saving systems, etc.

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Специальные курсы
Физиология здоровьесбережения
Основы биотехнологической безопасности
Методы и технологии искусственного интеллекта
Моделирование, алгоритмизация и управление биологическими процессами
Основы автоматизированного анализа медико-биологических данных
Практика и будущая карьера

At the department in the Master's program, students receive comprehensive knowledge of technology and engineering in medical and biological practice. The issues of biotechnological safety are considered, when modern technologies allow us to help not only in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but also help to maintain health, which refers to the discipline of health saving. The disciplines taught at the department also allow you to look at the Russian healthcare system as a whole, and practice in organizations such as GAU Gormedtechnika, LLC Olympas, LLC Radiometer, to participate in its work and gain invaluable experience for further employment.


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