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BMT4 Medical and technical management

The department is engaged in solving actual technological, economic, organizational and managerial tasks in the field of development and application of devices, apparatuses, systems and complexes for various fields of medicine.

О кафедре

Within the framework of the master's program, in addition to the general technical disciplines for the department's profile, students additionally receive competencies in the field of economics and management. Namely, they learn to analyze and maintain a unified information space for enterprise planning and management at all stages of the life cycle of manufactured products, conduct technical, economic, legal, functional and cost analysis of the effectiveness of the product being created.

Контактные данные

Номер телефона

8 (495) 632-22-38

Время работы

Пн-Пт: 10:00-17:00


Moscow, Rubtsovskaya embankment, h. 2/18, o. 232

A film about the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

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Практика и будущая карьера

The department trains technical specialists with competencies in the field of economics and management in the direction of biotechnical systems and technologies. Graduates can work in research centers, in government and commercial companies dealing with medical equipment and technologies. Many are employed by companies such as GE Healthcare, STORMOFF, R-Pharm, Gormedtechnika, various healthcare institutions of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Компании, в которых работают выпускники

GE Healthcare

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