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MT7 Welding, diagnostics and special robotics

The Department of Welding Technology and Diagnostics was established in 1933.

О кафедре

The department trains specialists in the following specializations: "Production of welded structures", "Diagnostics and prolongation of the life of welded structures", "Quality control and management in welding production". Master's program "Technology and equipment of welding processes". Currently, the department is rapidly developing: new welding technologies and equipment have been developed (including for welding in space); automated systems based on neural network models; the theory of welding deformations and stresses, which is the engineering basis for the use of welding in production. Promising scientific directions have been opened: diagnostics of welded structures and assessment of the residual resource of technical devices and structures.

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8 (499) 261-52-25
8 (499) 263-67-00

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Пн-Пт: 10:00-17:00


Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya str., 5, p.14, 3rd fl. r. 318

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Практика и будущая карьера

The field of professional activity of graduates: development of technological processes for the manufacture of welded structures and products for various purposes; diagnostics and prolongation of the life of welded joints and structures; design of tooling and technological robotic complexes of welding production; design and operation of automated welding installations; design and operation of devices and equipment for the control of welded joints. Students of the 5th - 6th courses are given the opportunity to confirm their qualifications in an independent certification body as non-destructive testing specialists and welding engineers, which significantly increases the attractiveness of graduates of the department in the labor market. Directions of research work: weldability, reliability and resource of welded structures; technology development and automation of welding processes; ultrasonic diagnostics of welded products. Organizations involved in the practice of students (with subsequent employment): JSC NPP Salyut, CJSC ZEM RSC Energia, etc. Students have the opportunity to take internships at the Magdeburg University. Otto von Guericke.


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