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E5 Vacuum and compressor equipment

The department trains universal specialists in the field of creating systems for increasing pressure and transporting air and gases, as well as unique specialists in the development of vacuum technology.

О кафедре

Russian Russian Engineering Department conducts training in the following areas: 15.05.01 Design of technological machines and complexes — specialist (Russian, Mathematics, physics/computer science) 15.03.02 Technological machines and equipment — Bachelor (Russian, Mathematics, physics) and 15.04.02 Technological machines and equipment — Master (profile exam) Master’s programs: • Vacuum Engineering • Compressor equipment • Pneumatic units and pneumatic systems • Design of oil and gas complexes (interdisciplinary program) The main directions of scientific work of the department:• Vacuum systems for testing various types of space equipment in ground conditions; for testing new materials, including composites; for various technological processes, including in the oil and gas industry; • Compressor systems, including for compressing and transporting natural gas, obtaining liquefied natural gas, utilization of associated petroleum gas • Pneumatic systems for the space, gas industry, biotechnology, medicine and cosmetology Students of the department take an active part in research and development work of the department. The department has a student computing center and a student design bureau. Students’ favorite discipline is 3D design and the use of a 3D printer when creating their own designs. The new master’s programs contain courses on digital technologies and the application of artificial intelligence.

Контактные данные

Номер телефона

8 (499) 263-67-43
8 (499) 263-63-31

Время работы

Пн-Пт: 10:00-17:00


Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya str., 5, p.1, 1st floor, o. 122, south wing, laboratory

A film about the Faculty of «Power Engineering»

14 minutes

Практика и будущая карьера

Graduates of the department successfully realize their potential in enterprises working in high-tech industries, such as: aerospace, aviation, defense, nuclear, electronic, gas, petroleum, chemical, medical, biotechnical, transport, etc. Students practice at enterprises: PJSC RSC Energia named after S.P. Korolev, PJSC Gazprom, JSC Vacuummash, JSC BLM Synergy, JSC Atlas Copco, ERSTVAK Group of Companies, LLC Bush Vacuum Russia, Scientific and Production Association Nauka (NPO Nauka).


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