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FN11 Computational mathematics and mathematical physics

Development of application software for mathematical modeling of complex systems

О кафедре

Students studying at the department gain in-depth knowledge in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics, computational mathematics, mechanics and mathematical physics, computer science, programming and computer engineering, gain experience in the development of applied software.

A distinctive feature of graduates of the department is their ability to independently or as part of a team develop applied software for mathematical modeling of complex systems.

The department conducts admission and training at two faculties: «Fundamental Sciences» (FN) and «Aerospace» (AK).

The main scientific directions of the department are:

  • modeling of new materials, composite materials and nanostructures;
  • software development for 3D geometric modeling, computer graphics, visualization of scientific research, generation of complex grids, automation of complex calculations;
  • supercomputer modeling of aero-gas dynamic and thermophysical, thermomechanical processes;
  • development of software for solving image recognition tasks in various applications (processing radar images, thermal imaging images, processing the results of electroseismo-diagnostics of minerals, and others);
  • modeling of reliability and safety of technical systems (elements of space stations, nuclear reactors, etc.);
  • intelligent data processing and modeling in economics and social systems;
  • modeling in continuum mechanics.

The Scientific and Educational Center «Supercomputer engineering modeling and development of software complexes» was created on the basis of the department. The main employees of the SIMPLEX SEC are graduates of the Department of FN11, some of whom have a PhD in physical and mathematical sciences. Students of the department are very actively involved in the activities of the SEC.

The department has postgraduate studies in the specialties «Physical and technical sciences and technologies» (focus 01.02.04 «Mechanics of deformable solids»), 05.13.18 «Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software packages», 05.13.01 «System analysis, management and information processing (by industry)» and 01.02.05 «Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma».

Контактные данные

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8 (499) 263-64-45

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Пн-Пт: 10:00-17:00


105005, Moscow, Rubtsovskaya embankment str., 2/18, fl. 9, o. 927l

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Практика и будущая карьера

Graduates of the department have good knowledge in the field of mathematics and mechanics, experience in the development of applied software, as well as the ability to solve applied engineering problems, which is highly appreciated by employers and provides graduates of the department with good employment in various fields of economics: from enterprises of the military-industrial sector, to insurance companies, banks, consulting firms, government agencies. X5 Retail Group, JSC «Military Industrial Complex «NPO Mashinostroeniya», Yandex, RSC «Kurchatov Institute», «Almaz-Antey», FSUE «VIAM», FSUE «CIAM», enterprises of GC «Rosatom», JSC «Morinformsystem «Agat», IT companies (Mail.ru , Intelservice,1-Si Telecommunications companies, Insurance companies, Construction companies, Banks (Sberbank, VTB, ROSBANK, etc.), Consulting firms, Government agencies, Foreign companies, Private business (own business).

Компании, в которых работают выпускники

Mail.ru group
ПАО «Концерн Алмаз-Антей»

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