Documents required for admission

Documents required for admission:

  1. The application form for admission (it’s filled after the arrival at the University)
  2. Academic documents, equivalent to the academic documents of Russian Federation, with the academic degree, the full list of learned subjects and full list of marks, with a notarized translation into Russian:
  3. For Bachelor studies (BSc/BA): school-leaving certificate
  4. For Master studies (MSc/MA): Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree-certificate
  5. For Post-graduate studies (Candidate’s degree): Master’s or Bachelor’s certificate
  6. (Academic documents should be legalized. You can get the information about the procedure of legalization in the Russian embassy in the country where academic documents were issued.)
  7. The copy of the document confirming the education obtained (notarial certification isn’t necessary).
  8. Transcript (the document showing the list of the subjects with results) with a notarized translation into Russian.
  9. Evidence of equivalence of the education certificate which was got outside the Russian Federation.
  10. The copy of the document which certifies the identity of a foreign citizen in Russia.
  11. The copy of the notarized translation of the document which certifies the identity of a foreign citizen in Russia.
  12.  A detachable coupon of the notification of migration registration (in case you do it personally) and the documents necessary to have the migration registration.
  13. Visa.
  14. Medical policy confirming that you haven’t got contra-indications to study in the Russian Federation and at the department you are applying for. The AIDS test result confirming that you haven’t got AIDS. This document should be valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and should have the limitations period not more than two months by the departure time.
  15. Health insurance certificate. It’s possible to get it in BMSTU. Staying in BMSTU without the health insurance policy isn’t allowed.
  16. Personal application form. Fill it in and send it to
  17. Ten 3x4 cm photographs (to facilitate the procedure you should send the scan of your photo as a JPEG file to


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