Legalization and evaluation of documents confirming education

 The data stated in the current section are based on the following regulatory legal acts:

  1. The Law № 3266-1 of July 10, 1992 (edition - 21.07.2005) «About Education».
  2. The Law № 125 - FZ of August 22, 1996 (edition - 21.04.2005) «About the Higher and Post-Higher Professional Education».
  3. Order of the Ministry for General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation № 15 of January 9, 1997 about the approval of  the procedure of recognition and determining the equivalence (nostrification) of international documents confirming education and academic degrees, and forms of corresponding certificates (Appendices 1 to 9).
  4. «Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents» concluded in Hague on 05.10.1961 in Hague.
  5. Letter of Federal Education and Science Supervision Service № 01-183/07-01 of 07.07.2009 «About Legalization of Foreign Citizens in Russian Educational Institutions and Legalization for Foreign Documents Confirming Education in 2009».

In order to clarify the necessary requirements for applicants, students, post-graduate students, the following terminology is used.

Legalization of documents confirming education is an official confirmation that the document outgoing from the particular state's authorities or made with the assistance of these authorities, corresponds to the legislation of this state.

Apostille is a special stamp certificating the authenticity of the signature, position of the official who has signed the documents and the authenticity of the press and stamp by which the documents are sealed.

The evaluation of documents confirming education is an official confirmation by the authorities of the significance of foreign educational qualification permitting an access to educational and/or professional work to the owner of this qualification. In case of reception of such confirmation in Russia the Certificate of evaluation and equivalence of the educational documents is being issued.
The consequence of activities depends on the state where the educational document was issued and on the level (degree) of education obtained.

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