Address, phone number and location map

ul. Baumanskaya 2-ya, 5, Moscow
Postcode: 105005
Tel.: +7 499 263 63 91
Fax: +7 499 267 48 44
Admission department
Tel.: +7 499 263 64 62

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How to go:

When you go out of the subway station, turn right and you find yourself in Baumanskaya street, then turn left and go along to the intersection with Ladozhskaya street.

Turn left, move along the street and walk past McDonald’s restaurant (left), a bookshop (right) and the Institute of Foreign Languages (left). Turn right to Volkhovsky Lane and move along it until you find yourself at the signal controlled intersection.

When you cross the road, move in the same direction and you’ll see a small building with plaster lions on your left – it’s a University entrance checkpoint.

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