Rector’s greeting

Dear Internet users! Friends!!

I’m glad to greet you at the site of Bauman Moscow State Technical University – one of the oldest Russian engineering schools. The history of the university dates back to March 1, 1830. This day the vocational school “for scientifically advanced skillful masters training” was organized for the needs of growing Russian industry by decree of the Emperor Nicolas I. In 1867 the school received a university status.

More than 200 thousand of highly skilled specialists were educated in BMSTU. University alumni: the founder of applied cosmonautics S.P. Korolev, great engineer V.G. Shukhov, the first nuclear reactor designer N.A. Dollezhal, a unique missile complex creator S.P. Nepobedimy, aircraft designers P.O. Sukhoi and A.N. Tupolev and many other great engineers – the glory of Russia. The first Russian helicopter, the first aerodynamic tunnel, the first diesel locomotive, the first automated machine-tool line and a lot of other things forming modern life of the human were created by Bauman engineers.

Scientific schools of the university have worldwide fame. The father of Russian aviation N.E. Zhukovsky, the founder of modern bio-physics P.P. Lazarev, the founder of Russian electronic computer engineering S.A. Lebedev worked here. Large engineering and scientific centers (MAI, MEI, MSUCE, CIAHD, VIAM, CIAM) were organized on the basis of some departments and laboratories of Bauman University.

Our education system - education through science – is well known in the world as “Russian engineering school method”. The base of this system is the advanced study of fundamental sciences and vocational practical training. That’s why BMSTU actively collaborates with leading universities of Germany, Italy, China, the USA, France and other countries.

Being a leader of Russian engineering education, Bauman University is included in the government code of very valuable objects of national cultural heritage. Being a huge center of progressive areas development in science, engineering and technologies, BMSTU is regarded as National Research University.

No doubt, Bauman alumni are highly demanded in the society of innovational development: BMSTU is oriented to the most progressive branches of modern science and trains highly skilled specialists. It also forms high moral students standards involving them into the unique atmosphere of “bauman life” with its traditions and enthusiasm. The corporative spirit of patriotism, leadership and competitiveness remain with our engineering school alumni forever!

Rector of Bauman University
A.A. Aleksandrov

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Aleksandrov

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