Divisions and subdivisions

BMSTU's divisions telephone book
Division Manager Tel.
phone city code of Moscow: 499
Education Control Department Yulia B. Makarova (499)261-8537  
Departtment of Education and science Quality Management Anatoly F. Tretyakov (495)632-2094  
Division of Academic Methodology Nikolay V. Vasiliev (499)263-6987  
Finance and Economics Division Natalya B. Ozerova (499)261-0897,
Department of Science and Innovations Oleg A. Garin (499)261-1858  
Social Development Department Kushtar M. Kushtarov (499)263-6652  
Supply Chain Management Evgeniy G. Tivirev (499)263-6325,
University Office Management Service Yuri N. Belyaev (499)263-6933  
University Engineering Service Roman A. Ivasechko (499)261-1917  
Students' Hostels Management Andrey A. Zalvovskiy (499)261-3240,
Sport Facilities Management Andrey A. Kalinin (499)267-7223  
Civil Defence and Emergencies Authorities Alexander A. Lakhtikov (499)261-1740  
Security Agency Natalya P. Samokhvalova (499)263-6434  
International Relations Office Mikhail V. Kuznetsov (499)263-6806  
IT Department Sergei P. Ostrikov (499)263-5464,
HR Department Vladimir A. Baryshnikov (499)261-9837  
Legal Department Vladimir I. Stymkovskiy (499)263-6365  
Executive Office Margarita N. Zhytnikova (499)263-6820,
Health and Safety Executive Alexander A. Zuev (499)263-6365  
Military Registration and Mobilization Training  Department Mikhail Z. Skhaba (499)263-6989,
Department of information and youth policy Pavel B. Dermer (499)263-6502  
Federal Property Management Agency Akim M. Ivkin (499)261-5520  
Fax (499) 267-4844  
Information (499) 263-6391  

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