October 12, 2020

International remote forum of scientific youth «Step into the future»:«youth of the world - challenges of our time»

International remote forum of scientific youth «Step into the future»:«youth of the world - challenges of our time»

The Step into the future program is entering the year of its thirtieth anniversary. Today's forum of scientific youth is the largest and most representative event in the history of the program. The forum is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the heroic Victory in the great Patriotic war.

The international remote forum "Step into the future" gathered in the digital space the flower of world youth science – 961 winners of scientific and technological competitions from seven countries. During the month, the best young minds of the world from Russia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, China, and Indonesia will compete for the main scientific awards of the"Step into the future" program. Among them – natives of 235 cities, 357 villages, farms and villages.

The forum is also attended by the youngest researchers – second-and sixth-grade students. They won this right in a difficult fight at the all-Russian competition "Step into the future, Junior". The forum's digital space makes it accessible to everyone. The work of 49 remote sections and the National exhibition of the best projects will be broadcast online.
The forum is organized by Bauman Moscow state technical University and The Russian youth Polytechnic society. The forum events will be held at remote sites of 13 leading Russian universities and 10 world-famous academic research institutes. The Forum's jury consists of more than 100 doctors and 150 candidates of science.
The forum "Step into the future "is the Central event of the project – the winner of the Grant competition of the President of the Russian Federation (the largest in the field of"Science, education, enlightenment"). Greetings were sent to the forum participants by the heads of the presidential administration, the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of defense, the state Corporation Roscosmos, rectors of leading universities, and other officials.
The rector of Bauman Moscow state technical University, Professor A. A. Alexandrov, said in his greeting: "The forum "Step into the future" is a Bauman project of "growing" and educating scientific and engineering talents. This is a program for educating scientists and engineers of the twenty – FIRST century."
The forum is taking place in the year of the 190th anniversary of Bauman Moscow state technical University, the University that holds the technological future of Russia and that cherishes this future; the University where the "Step into the future" program was born and where it draws its strength. 
The forum will be held in the year of the 100th anniversary of academician K. S. Kolesnikov, the first Chairman Of the expert Council of the "Step into the future" program, who gave more than 20 years of his life to work with school researchers. A front-line soldier who went through the entire war, participated in the defense of Moscow and Leningrad, the capture of Bucharest and Budapest. Student, Professor, Vice-rector of Bauman University, one of the pioneers of cosmonautics. 
The forum has a high international reputation. The Forum's laureates form Russia's national delegations to the most prestigious international competitions that take place on three continents. The winners of the Forum shall submit annually to young researchers from Russia at ceremony of delivery of Nobel prizes. Among 25 brilliant peers from all over the world, they give a talk to Nobel laureates.
The forum Was supported by the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (RUSNANO group), PJSC rosseti, PJSC RusHydro, Komus, Nestle, and a number of other organizations. The Step into the future program has been working for 30 years to educate Russian youth who want to be professionally engaged in science and engineering. Among the graduates of the Step into the future program are brilliant scientists and engineers, statesmen, and successful businessmen. Among them, M. Rakova – Vice-President of Sberbank of Russia; A. Efimenko – head of the Bank. laboratory of the Lomonosov Moscow state University. Chebotarev – Vice-President for energy of the Novolipetsk metallurgical plant; A. Gureev – head of the Department. Department of clinics of Samsmu; A. Volkov – founder and CEO of the It company SKY Corporation.
Contact phone numbers of the "Step into the future" program Secretariat (499) 267-55-52, 263-73-60.
Full information about the forum is available on the website of the" Step into the future " program: www .step-into-the-future.ru.


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