Association of technical universities

The President of ATU is BMSTU Rector, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor
Anatoly Alexandrovich Aleksandrov

The Association was founded in 1993 at the initiative of the Russian leading technical universities on the basis of the technical universities section of the Eurasian Association of universities. The Association is a noncommercial organization that represents a voluntary and public union of the technical universities. It consists of 147 universities and organizations in Russia and countries of the near abroad. The other universities, research institutions, technological clusters and also industrial plants may become the members of the Association.

The meeting of the Board of the Technical Universities Association was held in Bauman University on April 25. The meeting was attended by the members of the Board, by the invited rectors and the universities representatives which are a part of the Technical Universities Association and some public organizations.

November 21 Bauman University welcomed the participants of the Congress of the Association of technical universities of Russia and the CIS. The main theme of the Congress was the role of technical universities in the solution of economic modernization tasks and technological development of the country.


Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China

In order to make the new Association successful there will be used the many years’ experience of BMSTU as a basic university of the Association of technical universities and training and methodology association of universities on academic polytechnic education.

The formation of the Association that joins together efforts of the best countries’ technical universities in training of highly skilled specialists is certainly very important nowadays because all over the world there are some widescale reformations of the personnel training structure and content in the interests of education quality improvement, students and teachers mobility.


Top Industrial Managers for Europe

Educational Double-Degree Programs

Association T.I.M.E. facilitates the exchange of students and getting a double-degree throughout Europe. Students obtain wider scientific and technological knowledge of high level together with cultural experience, attending academic classes in two or more lead technical institutions. The contracts on double-degree programs of academic mobility are made with universities of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, USA and Great Britain.

At the end of the studies the students receive both the educational certificates of BMSTU and foreign university where they have been educated for 1-2 years. The most active cooperation is maintained with the lead engineering schools of France – Ecole Centrales in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes and Marseille.

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Academical mobility department


International Educational Programs

Foreign students have been taught in BMSTU since 1952. The department was created in 2011 in order to optimize the educative process. In 2012 the department had 215 students from 27 countries. Among them there were the citizens of the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanma, the representatives from South America and Eastern Europe.

Foreign students study according to personal educational plans which fully conform to all the University training programs. The important part of this department work is the preparatory department. Its students can receive pre-university training (the Russian language, Mathematics, Physics) and have an opportunity to take part in adaptive programs before they enter the university and prepare to enter postgraduate departments.

During their studies the students and postgraduates are involved in research and scientific work conducted by the subdepartments, they also take part in social, cultural and sport life of the University. Foreign students are provided with the hall of residence.


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Summer space school YSC BMSTU

The official name of the event is «Space exploration: theory and practice». Twenty years ago Russia and the USA, two world space empires, proposed to organize a unique youth event and since that time it has been gathering the students from space universities from all over the world in BMSTU.

For the time of its work the International Youth scientific school Space exploration: theory and practice organized by BMSTU Youth Space Centre has gathered the students from various parts of the world – Australia, China, Hong Kong. The school is well known on different continents, it has become the aim for many foreign students to come here. For example in the USA there’s a special selection among the students who want to come to Bauman University in July.

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