The Bauman University Publishing House was established in January, 1989 on the base of university publishing department. The House publishes manuals, handbooks, monographs and study guides for BMSTU and other technical universities.

The first issue of “Baumanets” newspaper was printed on February 18, 1923. At that time the newspaper was called “Udarnik”. It has been printed for 90 years since then. All the events of university life are reflected on its pages. Today “Baumanets” has hard copies and electronic version, presented in Bauman site

In 1990 Bauman Publishing House started issuing theoretical and applied broad-scoped “Vestnik MSTU”. There are educational materials in different scientific areas: Physical and Mathematical sciences, Information and Computer science, Optics, Mechanical, Radio, Instrument and Power Engineering, Laser Technology, Economics, Law and other subjects.

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