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Security in the digital world

The department has been training computer experts for more than 20 years. Students learn to work professionally with advanced IT developments and to fight cybercrime on a global level.

О факультете

The department was founded in 1999. Since its foundation, we have been training specialists in the field of "Jurisprudence" in the framework of first the second, and then the first higher education. A few years later, for those wishing to get a second higher education, a set was organized for the specialty "Forensic Examination" with specialization in the field of engineering and technical expertise, which expanded the possibilities of acquiring additional competencies and skills for graduates of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and other higher educational institutions.

In 2008, the department began recruiting for the specialty "Forensic examination" within the framework of the program of the first higher education with specialization in the field of computer-technical expertise. Since then, for a decade and a half, Bauman Moscow State Technical University has remained the only university in Russia that provides an opportunity to obtain higher education in this field. The modern specialization of students is the examination of digital information.

Having accumulated a wealth of experience in teaching students in the field of digital criminology, the department decided to expand the possibilities of applicants when choosing their professional trajectory and in 2022 opened a set for the related specialty "Information technology security in law enforcement". 

IT technologies are developing, and we are developing together with them.

In 2014, the staff of the department developed a unique educational standard for the Master's degree in the direction of "Intellectual Property Management", which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as a federal one. In 2015, for the first time in Russia, the department opened enrollment in the corresponding master's degree program.

The management of the department is carried out by its graduates, which gives the team a special team spirit.

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About the department

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Specialization 10.05.05 «Information technology security in law enforcement»

In the modern conditions of the formation of the digital economy and the growth of the number of computer incidents, in order to obtain the maximum professional result, engineers need additional competencies that expand the range of demand.

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Specialization 40.05.03 «Forensic examination»

Within the framework of this specialty, the department trains specialists in the field of digital information expertise.

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Direction 27.04.08 «Intellectual Property Management»

Within the framework of the Master's degree, the department trains professionals in the field of strategic management of intellectual property, who are able to respond promptly to any external and internal challenges.

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Компании, в которых работают выпускники

Госкорпорации «Роскосмос»
Всемирная организация интеллектуальной собственности
Федеральный институт промышленной собственности

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