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United account

It allows you to access many services of the University. It can be issued by students, graduate students and employees.

University Services


This mail is intended for the educational process. It is to this address that all homework assignments and other messages from teachers, newsletters about important news and events will be sent. 

A very convenient service with the following functionality:

1. Profile

This page contains basic information about you. In addition, there is a digital BaumanID pass on it, which you can use to get to the University if you forgot your pass.

2. Academic performance

Here you can track your progress during the semester, as well as during the session. Detailed information about the points for modules for each of the subjects.

3. Session

This section contains all the information about the results of the session: grades for each exam, closed and postponed disciplines, rating by group and specialty.

4. Schedule

Here you will have access to the schedule of classes for each day of the current week. In addition, in this tab you can specify the training schedule of other groups. Also in this section, a session schedule appears at the end of the semester.

5. Training materials

Your teachers will add here all the necessary links and files to electronic resources that will be useful in studying their subjects during the semester.

Through the student's personal account, you can order a certificate of study and it will be ready within a few days in pdf format. If you need a paper version, then there is an opportunity to note this when making an application. 

There is a common base of students, mainly the staff and teachers of the University use it, and students can also find useful information there. For example, the following data will be relevant for the elders: a complete list of students in their group, academic performance during the semester and the results of all sessions. 

How do I get access?


Configuring a Network Drive


Allows a University network user to store information on a network drive. Unlike a personal computer disk, a backup procedure is regularly performed for a network disk, which guarantees the safety of information.


How do I get a basic set of educational literature?



Find your group in the visit schedule.


Find the right audience in the Educational and Laboratory Building.

  • 205l — for the faculties of IBM, RL, BMT, IU, FN, RK, GUIMC, L, SGN, faculty of Law, branch faculties (except AK, RKT);
  • 247L — for the faculties of SM, MT, E, AK, RKT;


Pick up the set or the necessary textbooks and manuals available in the subscription fund.

Services for reading e-books:

LIBRARY.BMSTU.RU (for reading electronic textbooks from home)

Use the data of a single account and read electronic textbooks remotely: go to the library’s website in the «Information Resources» section, select Electronic Library Systems (ELS), log in to the ELS through your single account.

FREE ACCESS from the University

Electronic publications are available to you without authorization and registration in the local network of the university. To access the local essence, use the computers in the reading rooms of the library (auditorium 305L, 221L and 345) or connect to the WI-FI of the University.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS about library maintenance and/or remote access to electronic textbooks?

Write to the following email: library@bmstu.ru.



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