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Advanced Engineering School

About the project


The Advanced Engineering School of Bauman Moscow State Technical University was not created in this Federal project in the year 2022 at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and was aimed at training qualified engineering personnel for high-tech sectors of the economy. The FP is not one of the 42 initiatives of the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens, carried out within the framework of the state program «Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation» in

Project objectives:

    • training of personnel for the rocket and space industry in partnership with the State Corporation Roscosmos and specialized organizations in the sought-after direction System engineering of rocket and space technology
    • creation of the latest type of high-tech products on the basis of complex interaction with industry enterprises in educational, research, innovation activities.

The industry needs a new class of specialists capable of working on unstructured tasks in conditions of uncertainty, resource and time constraints.

Training of system engineers is based on an interdisciplinary approach around scientific and technical tasks relevant to industry, expanding the professional skills of students in related areas of training, and also the widespread introduction of interactive teaching methods withusing modern information and digital technologies, mainly in the project activities of all students of the Advanced Engineering School of future system engineers and chief designers.

At the site, «First of all, we will focus on you design potential, on you engineering specialties, so that you have new Queens, and they can create new complex systems in in the field of space activities, to make breakthrough projects on an international scale.

We will have joint projects with Bauman Moscow State Technical University mainly in the field of creating new materials. I really hope that we will be able to implement a number of projects in the field of remote sensing of the Earth and others that are in great demand on the Russian market. Moreover, in the conditions of sanctions, they are important for the formation of a highly efficient digital economy,» notes Maxim Ovchinnikov, First Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance of «Roscosmos»

Advantages of education in AES


Invitation to AES from Oleg Artemyev

Invitation to AES from Oleg Artemyev

New training program


Directions of higher education programs


Learn more about higher education programs:

1. 24.04.01/05 System design in the rocket and space industry

Program Manager: Falco Sergey Grigorievich, falkosg@bmstu.ru

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of IBM2



2. 24.04.01/02 System technological design of RKT products

Program Manager: Filimonov Alexey Sergeevich, alexf@bmstu.ru

Ph.D., associate professor, deputy head of the CM12 department



3. 24.04.01/04 System engineering in the design of rocket and space composite structures

Program Manager: Guzeva Tatiana Alexandrovna, gta29@bmstu.ru

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the SM13 Department for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Educational Standards and Programs of MSTU



4. 16.04.03/07 System engineering of spacecraft life support

Program Manager: Kazakova Anastasia Alexandrovna, kazakova@bmstu.ru

Ph.D., Associate Professor, First Deputy Head of the E4 Department, Corresponding member of the International Academy of Cold



5. 16.04.03/08 Project management of the development of cryogenic technologies of power propulsion systems

Program Manager: Kazakova Anastasia Alexandrovna, kazakova@bmstu.ru

Ph.D., Associate Professor, First Deputy Head of the E4 Department, Corresponding member of the International Academy of Cold



6. 24.05.01/11 System engineering of ground technological and launch equipment of the Vostochny cosmodrome

Program Manager: VladimirV. Chugunkov, chvbmstu@bmstu.ru

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of the CM8 department



Program Partners


Conquer space together!


Photo of the staff of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, taken on board the ISS by cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev during the long-term expedition of the ISS time 66/67 in 2022 year.


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