"Arctic Bus" will be supported by a federal subsidy

Автор: Ekaterina Karpikhina

23 июня, 2021


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"Arctic Bus" is a joint project of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, SUSU and "Ural" Automobile Plant to create amphibious buses for the Far North. In the competition for subsidies from the federal budget for the development of scientific and industrial cooperation for the creation of high-tech industries, the project won 245 million rubles for the creation of high-tech production of such vehicles.

Bauman engineers are developing the wheels, frame, suspension, body and bridge of the all-terrain vehicle, Chelyabinsk scientists will be engaged in the layout of all components and assemblies of the bus cabin, as well as the residential module.

The main goal of the project is to develop a unique vehicle capable of transporting employees of Arctic stations, medical equipment, various equipment and much more off-road in low temperatures up to minus 50 °C. There are no analogues of such a bus, so engineers use knowledge about the development of domestic all-terrain vehicles.

The amphibian has an autonomous life support system during the day, and can also stay on the water for an hour in the event of ice breaking or permafrost thawing.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is actively developing in the field of Arctic research: together with Bauman specialists, a new KamAZ Arctic 8x8 has been developed, and Composites of Russia is developing new materials for the Russian Arctic REC.