New wheels for the project "Roadster Crimea"are presented

6 августа, 2021


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The project team has developed a design of wheels for the third prototype of the "Crimea". For each previous model of the roadster, its own unique style was also made.

The development began with a sketch and a surface model of the disk by the project designer, after which the engineers will convert it into a solid model for testing and strength calculation according to GOST.

It was decided to make a disk from an aluminum alloy due to the fact that its specific strength and stiffness are higher than that of steel. The wheel disk is made using a forged billet made of aluminum alloy 6061 (GOST 4784-97) and subsequent milling with the direct participation of the Aluminum Association.

Main characteristics of the wheel:

Width: 8 inches;

Diameter: 18 inches;

PCD: 4/98;

Departure: ET38;

DIA: 58.5 mm.

Mechanical properties of Aluminum alloy 6061:

Hardness: HB 95;

Tensile strength: 310 MPa;

Yield strength: 276 MPa;

Elongation at break: 12%;

Modulus of elasticity: 68.9 GPa;

Poisson's ratio: 0.33.

In the near future, the roadster team will select the most suitable rubber with the help of the project partners — the network of federal KOLESO centers.