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Kaluga Bauman Сampus will be commissioned a year earlier

27 мая 2023

Kaluga Bauman Сampus will be commissioned a year earlier

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The Bauman Moscow State Technical University Сampus in the Kaluga Region will be commissioned a year ahead of schedule and will open its doors to students in the new academic year. The completion of the construction of the flagship campus was supervised by the head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Valery Falkov as part of a working trip.

About the construction of the campus

The campus is located on 27.59 hectares on the banks of the Oka River, the construction area is more than 128.7 thousand square meters. meters. For students, young scientists and teachers, the construction of a complex of dormitories (four buildings) with a total area of more than 52 thousand square meters, three educational and administrative buildings with an area of more than 42.9 thousand square meters, an educational and laboratory building (four sections) with a total area of 8.8 thousand square meters is being completed here. A modern leisure center with an area of more than 4.8 thousand square meters and a multifunctional sports complex with an area of 10.2 thousand square meters are being built.

The total technical readiness of the facility as of May 15, 2023 is 87.5%. Of the 16 construction projects, half are ready from 93 to 98.5%.

During the upcoming academic year, all students and staff of the Kaluga wing of Baumanka, where 2.2 thousand children are currently studying, will be transferred here. In total, up to 3 thousand people will be able to live permanently on the campus. By 2030, thanks to such a large—scale facility, it is planned to increase the number of students more than twice - up to 5 thousand people, including by attracting foreign students.

Scientific infrastructure and work with industrial partners

With the opening of the campus in the educational and laboratory complex, the ROSTSELMASH-MSTU REC, created jointly with the Rostselmash industrial partner LLC for the development of transmission units for agricultural and transport machines and reverse engineering in the field of agricultural machinery, will begin work. Design, production of prototypes and their testing will be carried out at the Kaluga campus.

The joint laboratory with Kaluga Turbine Plant PJSC is aimed at research and development work in the field of turbine and turbine plant design, heat and mass transfer and heat and mass transfer, hydraulics, hydraulic drive and hydropneumoautomatics. In addition, the activities of the student design bureau with the Kaluga Turbine Plant and Power Machines JSC will continue here.

The following laboratories will also start their work:
— laboratory of flexible warehouse production systems,
— laboratory of wear resistance tests,
— 3D measurement laboratory together with 3D-control LLC to solve the problems of reverse engineering and checking the geometry of products.

Currently, the Kaluga wing of Baumanka is working on the creation of a joint biomedical research center, a center for the development and testing of UAVs, a student design bureau (together with the Sinara group of companies).

The Kaluga Student Business Incubator also operates on the basis of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University department, which houses and supports 10 small innovative enterprises and six initiative groups of students with projects at the pre-incubation stage. All of them will become residents of the new campus.

Meeting in Kaluga: training of engineers of a new formation

During the meeting on the completion of the construction of the campus, the Minister instructed the leadership of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University to work out the possibility of organizing joint work with universities participating in the federal project "Advanced Engineering Schools" on the basis of production and laboratory facilities of the Kaluga campus. It is necessary to create opportunities for the use of equipment and the dissemination of methodological approaches to the organization of the work of student groups.

This work will also be carried out within the framework of the strategic project "University for Universities", carried out by the Bauman Moscow State Technical University within the framework of the state program "Priority 2030". The project is aimed at creating network educational programs of engineering profile with technical universities and industrial partners in various regions of our country.

Recall that today one of the 30 advanced engineering schools operates in the Moscow branch of the university, it trains specialists in the field of system engineering to solve breakthrough problems of the rocket and space industry.

The meeting on the completion of the Kaluga campus was chaired by Valery Falkov, Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, with the participation of Vladislav Shapshi, Governor of the Kaluga Region, and Mikhail Gordin, Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

During the meeting, the Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia drew special attention to the need to involve representatives of the real sector of the economy to work on the campus. This will allow students of the Kaluga branch to solve real problems for enterprises in the region already during their studies, and will also attract new applicants to the university.

"What task do we set to reform engineering education — so that students are involved in solving real production tasks, in real engineering tasks. This should be demonstrated here," said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Meeting in Kaluga: infrastructure for quality leisure

An equally important topic was the organization of entertainment and leisure activities on campus. To do this, on the campus there will be: a library with reading rooms, coworking centers, an exhibition hall, a theater and concert hall for 799 seats and a concert and dance hall, a sports complex with a swimming pool (the length of the tracks of which is 50 meters) and gyms, an outdoor stadium with bleachers for 500 seats and sports grounds with open stands for 200 seats, where children will be able to practice basketball, volleyball, football, athletics, cross-country skiing, table and lawn tennis, judo, sambo, weightlifting.

According to Valery Falkov, it is important to organize a rich event agenda on campus so that in addition to studying, students and teachers can take their time with interesting events.

"To do this, it is worth talking with representatives of the hospitality industry, with the students themselves, to find out what they are interested in. At the same time, a person responsible for organizing such events must be appointed. The director of the campus will not be able to simultaneously engage in both the admission campaign and the organization of leisure," the Minister stressed.

More information about the campus can be found at the link.

It is also planned that the new campus space will create a comfortable urban environment for residents of Kaluga.

Recall that from September of this year, the educational process will also begin in two buildings of the new Bauman Moscow State Technical University campus in Moscow. They will house an Engineering Center for ground transportation and technological systems and Cluster "Engineering in Life Sciences". A completely new campus will be opened in 2024.

On behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a network of 25 world-class campuses will be created in different regions of the country by 2030. In 2021, the first eight projects were selected. At the moment they are at different stages of implementation. According to the results of the second wave of the competition, 9 more regions were selected. In them, the implementation of projects will begin in 2023. The construction of world-class university campuses is carried out within the framework of the national project "Science and Universities".

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

Photo: The press Service of the Kaluga Campus of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University


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