The winners of the 2023 Faculty Cup competition have been announced

25 мая 2023


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Last night, the grand final of the competition among students "Faculty Cup 2023" was held in the Great Hall of the Center for Creative Industries of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

"Faculty Cup" is a competition between student teams of Baumanka faculties for the title of the best.

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    The competing teams during the competition had to show their creativity, imagination, intelligence, ability to work in a team and many other qualities aimed at team building, development of engineering thinking and strengthening of the Bauman brotherhood.
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    The theme of the competition this year was: "The Legend of engineers". The style of the contest was the world of fairy tales, short stories and novellas.
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    The competition was held in 5 stages:
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    The stage of evaluating the achievements of team members (correspondence). The team members were evaluated according to the following parameters: academic performance, participation in scientific, research projects, achievements in sports, cultural, mass and social activities.
    Intellectual competition. The teams were evaluated in a cascade of popular intellectual television games: "What? Where? When?", "Intellectual all-around", "Where is logic?", "QuizOp" on a given topic.
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    Engineering all-around. During the competition, the participants, working in teams, performed an engineering task consisting in designing a certain device.
    Sports stage. It included 11 sports events: a mini-football tournament, a laser tag tournament, "fun starts", shuttle running, tug of war, jump ropes and long jumps, a volleyball tournament, a table tennis tournament, a badminton tournament, a darts tournament, a streetball tournament, a chess tournament, mixed crawl relay and cyber football tournament.
    Creative stage. The final stage of the competition, which included:
  • a video business card of the team with the presentation of its participants and the presentation of their faculty within the established topic of the stage;
  • a creative contest on the theme: "If you go straight, you will get into the Bauman fairy tale", in which participants presented their performances in a variety of genres: dancing, singing songs, skits, parodies, poems, etc.;
  • a contest for the best support group. The participants had to assemble a support group that could help the team in absolutely any way: banners, posters, chants, drums, etc.


The result of an unforgettable show was the announcement of the winners and prize-winners of the "Faculty Cup 2023" competition:

1st place — Faculty of IBM
2nd place — Faculty of MT
3rd place — Faculty of E

The most creative faculty — E
The most charismatic faculty — RL/BMT
The most original faculty — IU
The most fun faculty — JUR
Dream Team — GUIMTS
Bauman Directors — IBM
Know-how — E
Breakthrough of the Year — RT
The most stylish faculty — RCT
Generators of ideas — PS
Constellations of talents — GUIMTS
The most dancing faculty — FN
The most singing faculty — SGN/L
The most spectacular faculty is MTKP
Keepers of the history of the faculty — SEE
The most fabulous faculty — K
X — AK people
Collective intelligence — E
Engineers of the Future — MT
The most athletic faculty is MT
The soul of the company — RK
Faculty of Online — E
The most purposeful faculty is IBM

You can view the recording of the event by following the link.

Photo: Tamara Polyakova, Yulia Pogrebnyak — Press Service of the Trade Union of Students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University