A wide rectorate was held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Автор: Julia Vovk

25 мая 2023


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A wide rectorate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University was held in the hall of the Academic Council. The participants of the meeting were the rector, vice-rectors, deans, heads of departments, heads of laboratories, RECs and Offices of Baumanki. By tradition, the rectorate began with congratulations.

Thanks for many years of fruitful and conscientious work at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University were awarded to the director of the Research and Production Center "Special Engineering" NUC "Special Engineering" Andrey Dubin, Director of the Research Institute "Special Engineering", Head of the Department "Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles" Vladimir Zimin, Head of the Department "Autonomous Information Systems and Control systems" of the Faculty of "Special Mechanical Engineering" Andrey Borzov, Chairman of the Council of Veterans of War, Labor and Armed Forces Yuri Gureev.

After the awards, Ivan Sidelnikov, the Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, made a report on the features of the 2023 admission campaign. He spoke about the changes in the admission control figures, noting that this year the number of places for bachelor's and specialty programs will increase at Baumanka in Moscow. The cost of training will also change. It will grow by 9%, since there was no indexation for three years earlier.

Ivan Sidelnikov drew attention to a key change in the admission rules — this year the only condition necessary for enrolling an applicant will be the availability of an original certificate.

Special admission conditions are provided for new regions, among which the key is the right to take internal entrance tests conducted by the university independently, as well as the right to receive BVI at local Olympiads. A number of applicants from schools in Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions will also be able to enroll based on the results of passing internal entrance tests.

The next speaker was Olga Volchenko, Director of the Center for Digital Transformation of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, who spoke about the interim results of work on automating the processes of managing the financial and economic activities of the university, and also outlined the tasks for the future. Among them, the main ones were highlighted: changing the existing business processes of the university and building new ones, introducing new information tools; step-by-step automation of all business processes; transition to a qualitatively new level of service.

One of the goals of Bauman University is simplification, maximum transparency and acceleration of business processes.

Photo: Sergey Kushlevich