The VIII All-Russian conference "Acoustics of the habitat" started in Baumanka

Автор: Angelina Shaposhnikova

25 мая 2023


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From May 25 to 26, the VIII All—Russian Conference "Acoustics of the Habitat" - ASO 2023 is being held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The scientific and technical event is devoted to issues related to the problems of vibration and acoustic pollution of the environment and protection from the harmful effects of oscillatory processes on humans.

ASO 2023 is held with the aim of studying vibroacoustic problems by young scientists and specialists and getting acquainted with modern achievements in this field of science. This year Bauman Moscow State Technical University is again the organizer of the conference. Speakers from the university will be Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department "Ecology and Industrial Safety" Alexander Komkin and Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department "Ecology and Industrial Safety" Nikolay Kanev.

The work of the conference is divided into two sections, which contributes to the fruitful analysis of aspects of vibroacoustics. The first section is "Vibrations. Measurement, reduction, testing" is fully devoted to the discussion of professional technical and scientific issues related to vibrations, and the section "Acoustics. Theory and practice" — issues of radiation, propagation and absorption of sound. The participants of the conference will have the opportunity not only to establish new contacts, but also to advance in solving topical theoretical and practical problems.

An active exchange of experience and discoveries is possible thanks to the wide scientific base of the conference. Speakers from a number of universities, research centers and organizations take part in its work, including SPbSETU "LETI", MEI, BSTU, TsAGI, N.I. Lobachevsky National Research University, MAI, PGUPS, A.N. Tupolev KNITU, NCVI IOF RAS, LLC "Santek 2", NCV Mile and Kamova, JSC "KTRV", Oktava+, Promelcom, GNMC, JSC "VISOM".

On May 25, the participants of the section "Vibrations. Measurement, reduction, testing". The listeners had the opportunity to learn about the application of non-overshoot restrictions and multi-channel control during vibration tests, the dependence of the vibration decrements of the own tones of aircraft structures on various parameters, the methodology for creating a dynamic digital twin of the design of an aircraft weapon, and much more.

On May 26, the section "Acoustics. Theory and practice". Nikolay Kanev will give an introductory lecture at 10:00, and from 10:30 the speakers will begin to present their scientific works. The stated topics are "Evaluation of the effectiveness of noise reduction by lamella—type screens", "Acoustic radiation of a cylindrical shell in the field of action of turbulent pressures", "Ultrasonic modification of the surface of building and finishing materials made of wood" and others.

Following the results of the VIII All-Russian Conference "Acoustics of the Habitat", an electronic collection of materials will be published, indexed in the RSCI.

Photo: Sergey Kushlevich, Andrey Yakin