A graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University showed how to dramatize portraits with the help of prisms

Автор: Ekaterina Karpikhina

10 сентября, 2021


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Ernest Em, known as the photographer 19TONES, graduated from the Bauman Moscow State University in 2015. Ernest is Korean by origin, but he was born in Russia and has lived in Moscow all his life.

After university, he bought his first digital camera because he wanted to improve the quality of night shots. "My journey into adulthood began immediately with the camera," says the photographer, who studied this art on his own.

In 2019, Ernest created the term prismography: "I created it because such portraits have become a big part of my art. I started using this technique in 2017 and experimented with it for a year. I knew that photographers used a standard triangular prism to get highlights, rainbow effect or blur the image, but for me personally, as a photographer, it made no sense. It just looks beautiful, and yet it's not enough, " says the graduate.

Ernest began experimenting with the refraction of light and the reflection of various objects that are around the model. Then the photographer used the knowledge gained at the university: "I came across Newton's theory of light, when a beam of white light passing through two prisms was held at such an angle that when passing through the first prism, it was divided into a spectrum and again turned into white light by the second prism."

Ernest's works look like an excellent applied application of optics. You can read the full interview with Em here.

You can find the photographer's works on the website and on the Instagram page.