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Факультет «Mechanical engineering technologies»

Pressure treatment technologies | MT6

Bachelor's degree profile "Machines and technology of metal processing by pressure". Master's program "Pressure treatment Processes and Machines". 

Training at the MT6 department gives you the opportunity to become a specialist in the field of machine design and process design, to master the latest computer modeling programs for objects of various physical nature.

  • Bachelor's degree profile — "Machines and technology of metal processing by pressure";
  • The master's program of the department is "Pressure treatment processes and machines".

During their studies, our graduates acquire sufficient competence in the issues of management systems and tools. The universality of the complex of knowledge embedded in the students' training program allows them to have a high level of demand in the labor market.

It is this versatility, the use of computer technology in combination with a cycle of technological and economic disciplines that will allow you, if you wish, to prove yourself as a leader.

The graduates of the department are the heads and chief specialists of the largest domestic enterprises and corporations. 

The teaching staff of the department includes 6 doctors and 7 candidates of technical sciences. 

Students from France, Germany, China, Syria, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine study at the department.

Научные руководители


Евсюков Сергей Александрович

Факультет «Mechanical engineering technologies»

Rolling equipment and technologies | MT10

The department trains specialists in the specialization "Design of technological complexes of rolling production". Master's program "Rolling Equipment and Technologies". During its existence, the department has trained more than 2000 engineers, more than 20 doctors and 160 candidates of technical sciences, among which about 50 State Prize laureates. The teaching staff of the department includes 3 professors and 7 candidates of technical sciences. The department conducts scientific research related to the production of large-diameter welded pipes for the oil and gas industry, the improvement of the design of pipe rolling units for the production of small-diameter pipes, the development of a new multilayer material with an ultra-fine-grained structure, the solution of deformation and thermal problems. All studies include finite element calculations in modern software systems. The training laboratory consists of compact rolling mills and auxiliary equipment, such as heating furnaces, scissors, cleaning plants.

Научные руководители


Колесников Александр Григорьевич

Факультет «Mechanical engineering technologies»

Materials processing technologies | MT13

The department was founded in 1868. 

The main directions of scientific research:

  • scientific substantiation and development of technologies, technical means, new structural and composite materials, fine and nanodisperse functional metal coatings, providing increased wear resistance and durability of machine parts and assemblies for various technological purposes;
  • improvement and development of innovative resource-saving technological processes of metal forming and modernization of forging and stamping equipment;
  • development and research of innovative non-ferrous alloys and composite materials and their casting technology for the manufacture of mechanical engineering products.

The department has the following educational and scientific laboratories:

  • pressure treatments;
  • cutting treatments;
  • welding production;
  • foundry production;
  • surfacing technologies;
  • tribotechnics;
  • innovative technologies in mechanical engineering (modern computer technologies).

In the educational process, special attention is paid to the following areas of knowledge: tribology, tribotechnics and surface engineering, modern methods of research and testing of properties of structural materials and products in mechanical engineering, computer—aided design of technological processes in mechanical engineering (CAD, CAE, CAM systems), as well as feasibility studies of modern technologies in mechanical engineering.

Научные руководители


Лавриненко Владислав Юрьевич


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