Professional Experience:
2005 – 2009, Undergraduate Student, Dep. of Radiotechnics and Electronics named by V.A. Kotel’nikov, National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russia.
2007 – 2009, Postgraduate Student, Moscow Mathematical Steklov Institute. Research
area: quantum mechanics, spintronics, nano-devices, Moscow, Russia.
2009 – 2012, Postgraduate Student, Dep. of Radiotechnics and Electronics named by V.A. Kotel’nikov, National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russia.
2012 – 2014, Ph.D. Student, Dep. of Radiotechnics and Electronics named by V.A.
Kotel’nikov, National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russia.
2014 – present. Lecturer of Theory of oscillations and signal generators. Dep. of Radiotechnics and lectronics named by V.A. Kotel’nikov, National Research University “MPEI”, Moscow, Russia.
2015 - present. Lecturer of General Physics. Dep. of Physics.

International Collaboration:
May 2013, Visiting scientist, Institute of Electronic Structures and Lasers by
Russian Federal Program (№14.B37.21.1211), Heraklion, Greece.
October 2014, Visiting Scientist, Department of Physics in Pondicherry University by RFBR (№ 10-02-01403), Pondicherry, India.
November 2014, Researcher, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, SaintPetersburg, Russia.

Prizes, Awards and Grants:
2012-2013, Frequency synthesizers based on the sampling phase locked loop, Award: Russian program “UMNIK”, Moscow, Russia.
2012 – 2013, Development of a microwave generator based on the spintransfer nanooscillators mutually coupling, Grant and award: Federal Program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia 2009-2013.". The contest "Conducting research target graduate students." Agreement Number, Moscow, Russia.
2012 – 2013, Nanoelectronic transmission, reception and information processing systems based on spintronic devices and metamaterials, Grant and award: Federal
Program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia 2009-2013." The contest "Conducting research team led by visiting researchers." Agreement Number 14.V.37.21.1211, Moscow, Russia.
2013 - present, Nanodevices based on the mutually coupled spin-torque oscillators, Grant and award: President Grant for young scientists and graduate students (project number SP-665.2012.3), Moscow, Russia.
2013 - present. Nanoelectronic devices based on spintronics and metamaterials, Grant: Russian Foundation for Basic Research. (No. 13-08.01278-12), Moscow, Russia.

Expertise and Experience:
Ansar Safin’s research interests are in the interdisciplinary field that includes Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics in the area of Nonlinear Dynamics with a specific focus in theory of synchronization in ensembles of nonlinear oscillators, networks. His research expertise is on the analysis of nonlinear processes in phase-locked loop systems, van der Pole oscillators, spintronics and nonlinear spin-wave generation.
Most of his theoretical findings are devoted to nonlinear behaviour at the spin-torque nanooscillators networks. Ansar Safin combines profound knowledge of nonlinear system theory and dynamical system theory with extensive expertise in computer simulations of large systems. Starting with mostly discrete dynamical systems, his personal interests have extended to applications in spintronics, where again the emphasis of research is both on theory of nonlinear processes and bifurcation analysis. The main goal of his research is developing new approach to
study van der Pole oscillator networks with different geometry type with nonidentical parameters.
During last years A. Safin mainly studied sampling phase locked loops and new type of discrete mappings to construct frequency synthesizers (found new phenomenon as expansion of phase locking zones using input signal mixing). Obtained theoretical findings gave rise to a series of new generation of frequency synthesizers (including chaotic behaviour) with sampling structures.
Key words: sampling phase locked loop, oscillations, discrete mappings, chaos.

In recent years A. Safin’s research was devoted to the problem of power increasing in spintronic based oscillators in creation the phase locked mutually coupled nonlinear and nonidentical spin-torque nanooscillators (found new type of network geometries with phase locked behaviour). He created a new approach to construct stable microwave oscillator based on the spintronics (using synchronized spin-torque nanooscillators).
Key words: spintronics, spin-torque nanooscillator, phase locking,synchronization.


Latest most important publications:
1. Ansar R. Safin, Nicolay N. Udalov, Mikhail V. Kapranov. Mutual phase locking of very nonidentical spin torque nanooscillators via spin wave interaction. European physics journal – Applied physics. DOI: 10.1051/epjap/2014130518, 2014.
2. A.R. Safin. Elements of the theory of sampling phase-locked loop. Germany. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8473-2637-3.
3. A.A. Mitrofanov, A.R. Safin, N.N. Udalov. Phase locked loop of the spin-torque
nanooscillator. JTP Letters, 2014, 40-13, p. 66-72.

Most related to proposed project publications:
1. A.R. Safin, M.V. Kapranov, N.N. Udalov. Some aspects of the mutual phase locking of spin-torque nanooscillators. Radiotechnics, 2013, 10, p. 43-47.
2. A.R. Safin, M.V. Kapranov, N.N. Udalov. Phase locking of the spin-torque
nanooscillators taking into account delay. MPEI’s Bulletin, 2013, 5, p.123-128.
3. А.R. Safin. Autooscillation systems based on the phase-locked spin-torque
nanooscillators. PhD thesis, 2014.

Related to proposed project proceedings of International Conferences:
1. A. Safin, K. Petrov. Terahertz nanoantenna based on spin torque oscillator and polaritonic metamaterials. 7th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2013 Bordeaux, France, 16-21 September 2013.
2. A. Safin, N. Udalov, M. Kapranov. The calculation of power increasing of coupled spin torque generators. Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing (MECO), 2012, 19-21 June, P. 259-262.
3. A. Safin, et al. Magnetostatic mechanism of phase locking of spin-transfer
nanooscillators. Book of Abstracts, Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism
(MISM), 21-25 August 2011, Moscow, pp.705-706.

Totally published papers – 18
Proceedings at conferences – 59
Books - 1

01 Мар, 2015

1. Разработка теории мемристоров, выполненных на основе эффекта переноса спинового момента (spin-transfer torque), а также автоколебательных устройств на основе мемристоров.

2. Разработка модели головного мозга на основе мемристоров (нейроны и аксоны), а также теории взаимосвязанных нелинейных осцилляторов с потерями и неизохронностью.

3. Разработка теории существенно неизохронных осцилляторов. Предполагается расширение метода медленно меняющихся амплитуд на существенно неизохронные осцилляторы различной природы (магнитной, радиотехнической, механической).

4. Теория вихревых спин-трансферных наноосцилляторов (образование одного и нескольких вихрей, синхронизация внешняя и взаимная, хаос и нелинейные колебания).

5. (Совместно с ИРЭ РАН) Теория и моделирование спин-инжекцинного терагерцового генератора. Объемная и сложная задача, требующая больших вложений сил и времени.

6. (Совместно с Langevin Institute) Исследование нелинейных наноантенн, устройств формирования СВЧ и ТГЦ сигналов с помощью нелинейных нагочастиц.

7. (Совместно с Langevin Institute) Моделирование устройства сложения мощности нескольких спин-трансферных наноосцилляторов и метаматериалов с помощью пакета программ Comsol Multiphysics. (Бакалаврская работа).

8. (Совместно с Pondycherry University) Исследование солитонов в нелинейных ...

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  • Физика наноструктур. Низкоразмерные структуры. Мезоскопические структуры
  • Теория магнитных свойств твердых тел
  • Ферромагнетики
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  • Общие вопросы электроники и радиотехники
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  • Квантовая электроника
  • Антенны. Волноводы. Элементы СВЧ-техники
  • Радиопередающие и радиоприемные устройства
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01 Мар, 2015

Производится набор бакалавров, магистров, аспирантов и молодых ученых в научную группу "Нелинейная динамика".

Направления научных исследований:
- спинтроника и спин-волновая электроника;
- нелинейные нанофотоника и плазмоника;
- хаос и фракталы в системах скрытной связи;
- нелинейная динамика автоколебательных систем;
- теория когнитивных процессов и мемристорных технологий.

Преимущества нашей группы:
- активная исследовательская работа в коллективе молодых ученых;
- обучение и работа на передовом крае современной науки;
- хорошие перспективы карьеры;
- участие в международных конференциях, стажировках и грантах;
- публикации в ведущих мировых журналах;
- возможность значительной финансовой поддержки по результатам работы.

Мы сотрудничаем с рядом известных университетов и научных центров: 
Postdam Institute for climate impact research (Germany), Pondicherry university (India), Langevin Institute (France), Institute of electronic structures and lasers (Greece), ЛЭТИ (Санкт-Петербург, Россия), ИКИ РАН (Москва), ИРЭ РАН (Москва), СГУ (Саратов), ННГУ (Нижний Новгород).

Исследования нашей группы были поддержаны грантами ФЦП, РФФИ, Президента и т.д.

Вопросы и резюме направляйте по адресу:,

Руководитель научной группы: к.т.н., доцент кафедры ФН-4, Сафин Ансар Ризаевич.

27 Фев, 2015

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