10 Май, 2020

Задание для 3 курса групп СМ1-61,62, СМ5-61,СМ9-62 на 13 неделю с12-16 Мая

1) Методички - текст 3B, задания к уроку

2) Подготовить рассказ об образовании за рубежом. Например о Кэмбридже. 

The University of Cambridge

    The University of Cambridge is the second oldest university in England and the fourth oldest in the world.Academically, Cambridge ranks as one of the world’s top five universities and the leading university in Europe. It was founded at the beginning of the 12<span style=" vertical-align: super;">th</span> century. 

    The University currently has 31 colleges. There are 150 departments, faculties, schools and other institutions. The Cambridge University Engineering Department is one of the largest departments in the University. It was founded in 1875. The Cambridge University engineering undergraduate curriculum, called the “Engineering Tripos” (трайпос -экзаменнастепеньинженерабакалаврасотличием), is a four-year program. The academic year is divided into 3 terms.After three years of study a student may proceed to a Bachelor’s Degree, and later the Degrees of Master and Doctor. Cambridge University students graduate from Tripos with the equivalent of a Master of Engineering Degree. Teaching at the Engineering Department consists of lectures and laboratory works. Students specialize in many fields of engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Structures and Materials, Electrical and Information Engineering, Mathematical Methods. The department currently admits 300 students a year.

    Cambridge is famous for the unique method of teaching – the supervision. Small groups of students – usually between one or three – meet with a member of the university’s staff or a doctoral student. Students must complete an essay in advance of the supervision, which they will discuss with the supervisor during the session with the difficulties they had with the material of that week’s lecture. Students have one to three supervisions per week, depending upon their subject.

    All the students must pay for their education, examinations, books, laboratories, university hostel, the use of libraries, etc. The cost of education is very high and it depends on the college and department.

    Cambridge maintains a long tradition of student participation in sport and recreation. Rowing is a very popular sport at Cambridge. There are competitions between different colleges and against Oxford in many kinds of sports, ranging from cricket to chess.

     A number of great men, well-known scientists and writers studied at Cambridge. Among them are: Erasmus, the great Dutch scholar, Bacon, the philosopher, Milton and Byron, the poets, Newton and Darwin, the scientists. Also, among famous Cambridge graduates there are F. Whittle – the inventor of the jet engine and A.Hopper – a founder of Acorn Computers.

  • 10 Май, 2020