Head of Department "Computational mathematics and mathematical physics"

Yuriy I. Dimitrienko
  • Head of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics Department in BMSTU,
  • deputy director of Applied Mathematics and Mehcanics Institute in BMSTU,
  • consultant of General Director of NPO Mashinostroenia for fundamental scientific problems

  • Academic degree and status:
  • Doctor of Science (Phys. & Math.), Professor

  • Honour status:
  • Full Member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Russian Federation
  • Full Member of the Union of Scientists and Engineers by Academician V.M.Chelomey
  • Member of European society of mechanicians EUROMECH

  • Scientific activity:
  • member of Scientific and technological council of Rosaviacosmos
  • member of dissertational councils in Bauman Moscow State Technical University and NPO Machinostroenia
  • member of editorial boards of several scientific journals